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About Tennis Department

Tennis Background

In 2006, I decided to try out for the tennis team as a junior in high school.

I had basically zero experience playing tennis. I borrowed my friend’s sister’s tennis racket to try out (and ended up using it the whole season).

Fortunately, my small-town high school didn’t have a lot of tennis players, so I made the JV team. I’m not sure if anyone was actually cut, frankly.

Playing tennis on my high school team was an incredible experience, and I’ve had a love for playing tennis ever since.

I had a very average season, and even though I didn’t go on to play competitively after high school, I’m so glad I learned the fundamentals of tennis.

A Website is Born

Fast forward to the present, and I’m a web designer who’s obsessed with creating interesting website projects. I decided to build a website about tennis, and so tennisdepartment.com was born.

I had a lot of fun putting together a page on tennis court dimensions (I built a tennis court diagram layout with CSS), and I’m excited to create a lot more content like this.

Tennis Department is now a small team of writers and web designers who love tennis. We are working to create and maintain what we think is the best tennis website on the internet.

Our Mission

At Tennis Department, our goal is to create fun, interesting, unique, and most of all useful tennis content. We work hard to make sure all content on Tennis Department is:

  1. Thoroughly researched
  2. Thoughtfully organized
  3. Unique and useful

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