Top 8 Best Pickleball Paddles & Reviews (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

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While there is lots of equipment that goes into the game of pickleball, nothing is more fundamental than the paddle. In this article, we look at eight great products, all with the intention of highlighting the best pickleball paddles on the market. We highlight options for spin, for control, and for beginners to ensure that there is something on here for everyone.

Top Pick

JP WinLook Pickleball Paddle Set


A high-quality set that is great for people looking to get everything they need in one purchase.

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Budget Option

Amazin’ Aces Classic Wood


A budget-friendly set that will appeal to beginners that hope to minimize their costs.

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Premium Option

Serlik Amped


An attractive, high-end option that will be great for players who take their games seriously.

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Our Top Picks

How to choose the Right Pickleball paddle

Here are some buying considerations that may help you better understand what to look for in a pickleball paddle.


There is a range of different materials you will find for pickleball paddles. Typically, more affordable units are made primarily out of plywood while higher-end options will feature graphite or fiberglass. These materials are valued for their ability to generate power while also enabling touch shots.

Wooden paddles are great for beginners but they are heave and have a tendency to splinter and break over time. As you get more serious in playing pickleball, you’ll find experienced players use graphite and fiberglass paddles. Graphite paddles offers power while being very light. Fiberglass paddles tend to have a bit of a flex and provide more pinpoint accuracy and precision in your shots.


Lighter weights are associated with faster swing speeds that are capable of generating more power. Typically, players opt for something with a moderate weight, as these paddles are imbued with both power and touch. However, everyone is different, and choosing something that feels good in your hands will ultimately be the biggest determiner of success.


As can be seen from our selection, some pickleball paddles may come with a complete set of materials needed to play the game. This could include carrying cases, balls, and more. Sets are a great way to get everything you need to acclimate to the game.

However, established players tend to prefer to buy all of their gear separately to get items that best suit their playing style. Some of the best pickleball brands may only sell their top gear items on an individual basis, making sets impractical for some players.

Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews

Feature Highlights
  • A complete set that provides beginners with everything they need
  • Lightweight paddles for heightened performance
  • Cost-effective way to get started with the game

The JP WinLook is a complete set that features balls, two paddles, and a small carrying bag to hold your newfound gear. The lightweight paddles are optimal for beginners, and the accessible price tag serves as a great way to get everything you need at an approachable cost. For the beginner, it is a great way to star strong.

Feature Highlights
  • Best budget option
  • Comes with everything you need to start
  • Instructional material provided

The Amazin Aces is truly designed with the beginner in mind. In addition to featuring two paddles, four balls, and a small carrying bag, it also comes with instructional materials that will introduce you to the basics of the game. Add in the fact that this is the most affordable complete set you’re likely to come across, and the Amazin Aces becomes highly appealing for the beginner.

Serlik Amped

Feature Highlights
  • Designed with power and control in mind
  • Flexface enhances feel and performance
  • Durable design ensures long life expectancy

The Serlik Amped is a higher-end option that is sure to appeal to players with more experience. It has optimized to exhibit both power and control, accomplishing this with a moderate weight, and a flexible face material that boosts your shots while enhancing the feel.

It’s also a very durable paddle, ensuring that your investment will continue to pay off even in the long run.

Feature Highlights
  • Set of two paddles
  • Graphite design provides good balance of both control and power
  • Honeycomb core ensures reactivity of the face while enhancing the feel

The Niupipo is a moderately priced set of two high-performance paddles. Both units feature a graphite design that yields lots of power while also enhancing the level of control you have over the ball. They also benefit from a honeycomb core that provides an excellent feel while guaranteeing a highly reactive face.

Feature Highlights
  • Graphite design for control and power
  • Excellent touch for feel shots
  • Many different designs to suit your unique sense of style

The Onix is a graphite unit that generates plenty of power, while also providing the feel you need for more nuanced shots. The moderate weight allows players to juice up their shots where necessary while also making it easier to score on feel shots. Players with stylistic concerns will also be pleased to learn that this high-end paddle is available in a range of different styles.

Feature Highlights
  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Fiberglass design great for inducing spin

The Paddletek Bantam is a high-end unit that will be great for players that like to generate plenty of spin. The fiberglass design ensures a light bodyweight while the reactive face keeps players competitive at the highest level.

Because the handle has been specifically optimized for the human hand, it is also one of the more comfortable options on our list.

Feature Highlights
  • Optimal for control and touch
  • Textured graphite face provides power and spin
  • Comfort grip

The Paddletek Tempest is a high-end paddle that has been optimized for touch and control. The textured face generates lots of spin, providing players with confidence as they approach feel shots. Meanwhile, the lightweight graphite design does well to generate the speed that is necessary for power plays, and the grip benefits form ergonomic technology that enhances comfort.

HEAD Radical Pro

Feature Highlights
  • Fiberglass provides feel and performance
  • Textured face produces spin
  • Honeycomb core for feel and power

Last, the Head Radical Pro is a fiberglass unit that places a big emphasis on feel and performance. The textured face generates lots of spin while the honeycomb core simultaneously enhances the feel that is necessary for touch shots, while also providing the reactiveness necessary for power places.

Summary & Recommendations

As you’ve seen to this point, paddles can vary quite radically in their intention and performance. Even though the JP WinLook is our top pick, it won’t be right for everyone. For example, if you are a beginner you will probably appreciate the high level of value offered by the Amazin Aces set.

And, if you are a skilled player, there is no beating the performance of the Serlik Amped.

Post last updated on January 13, 2023

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