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Top 6 Best Ping Pong Robots (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

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Ping Pong Robots are great training tools for people that want the option to practice their game around the clock. Though in some places pricey, the best ping pong robots will give you the chance to invest in your game, and practice anytime even when no one is available to play with you.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the best ping pong robots on the market to see which is right for you.

Best Overall

Butterfly Practice Partner 20


Capable of top, side, and backspin, a great robot for players of every skill level.

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Budget Option

ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot


Affordable but still with most of the fixins, this is perfect for the buyer on the budget.

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Premium Option

Butterfly Amicus Prime


A super high tech option for buyers with a high budget

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Our Top Picks

What to Consider When Buying a Ping Pong Robot

Before we dive into the reviews, let’s take a look at a few considerations lookout for as you contemplate your purchase.

Spin Capabilities

In a real table tennis match, the ball will be spinning constantly backward, forwards, and to the side. Each spin characteristic carries with it a unique set of challenges and it’s therefore important to make sure you are well practiced against each.

To ensure you are fully replicating the play experience, make sure the machine you look at has full spin capabilities.


You also want to be able to practice at a range of different trajectories. The majority of ping pong robots are capable of being adjusted with relative ease, but the extent to which this is true can still vary. Pay attention to the adjustability of whatever ping pong robot you are considering.


Naturally, it’s optimal that you are able to control the robot from your side of the table. While remote controls are a pretty standard element of this product, you should still confirm this is the case with whatever product you are considering before you finalize the purchase.

Ball Reservoir

How many balls can the robot hold at a time? It’s not uncommon for robots to be able to house 200+ balls at a time. Larger reservoirs make it easier to practice for prolonged periods of time (even if they do create a big mess at some point down the line).


Even the best ping pong robot is destined to spend a lot of time in the closet. Because these training aids can’t be left on the table during actual games, you will want to make sure that they are at least relatively easy to store and easy to set up when you need to use it.

Feature Highlights
  • Capable of back/front and side spin
  • Fits any ping pong table
  • Easy to adjust for trajectory
  • Compact enough to be easily transported
  • Best rated product on our list

The Butterfly Practice Partner 20 features much that players of every skill level are sure to appreciate. Easy to adjust to suit your ideal trajectory, the robot can also be set for back, forward, or sidespin, ensuring that you are always being appropriately challenged.

Though moderately pricey, the robot justifies its cost through its universality, high levels of value, and user-friendly interface.

Feature Highlights
  • Affordable price tag
  • Compact dimensions make it easy to store
  • Easy to adjust for spin and trajectory

Very moderately priced, the ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot is the best cheap robot trainer for the money. Nevertheless, it still manages to feature all of the most important ping pong robot characteristics. It features a 110 ball reservoir allowing you to practice for a decent amount of time before needing to refill.

Like all good ping pong training robots, it can also be easily adjusted for spin and trajectory, making it a dependable practice companion available at a very reasonable price.

Feature Highlights
  • Syncs up with phone for easy control
  • Can be adjusted to run a wide range of drills
  • 5-120 balls per minute so you can play at your own pace
  • Comes with Android tablet for controlling robot

The Butterfly Amicus Prime is a dream product for players that have a substantial budget. The unit is wirelessly controlled by an Android tablet that the company supplies you with and can be intricately set up to assist you with a wide range of highly targeted drills.

Players can even set the robot up so that it ties drills together for a more complicated practice session. Unfortunately, the price is restrictive enough that only the most serious buyers will be able to consider the Butterfly Amicus Prime. Still, those with the means are sure to be pleased with their purchase.

Feature Highlights
  • Wide range of different shot capabilities
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Top/side/and combination spin

Though simpler than the last several products we have looked at, the Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 still includes most of the features players look for in a ping pong robot. It is capable of a range of different shot capabilities, it can be easily transported and stored, and it ran replicate most spin profiles.

Nevertheless, there is a concern for value to be aware of. For the same amount of money you can find robots with larger reservoirs (this unit holds only 40 balls) and more advanced features.

Feature Highlights
  • Nets to keep balls from getting lost
  • Capable of replicating wide range of different shots
  • Top/side/combination spin capabilities

The Newgy Robo-Pong will be a tempting option for players with higher budgets. The unit can replicate many different shot types, while trajectory and spin type can also be adjusted. It comes with a net so that your balls are not lost and fits all standard ping pong tables.

Feature Highlights
  • Pre-programmed drills
  • Digital accuracy for speed and ball placement
  • Connects to PC to create new smartpong drills

The high-tech Newby Robo-Pong is great for players that want a wealth of options at their disposal. Though pricey, it justifies its cost with pre-programmed drills, lots of different shot patterns, and even PC connectivity. Through use of a USB cord, players can sync this unit up with their computer and create and share new drills.

Summary & Recommendations

Buyers that want a combination of value and performance are sure to find much appeal in the Butterfly Practice Partner. Still, budget buyers may appreciate the efficiency and affordability of the ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot, while those with more to spend may look towards the higher end features of the Butterfly Amicus Prime.

There is something on this list for everyone so review the options above and buy with confidence!

Post last updated on January 13, 2023

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