Top 8 Best Racquetball Racquets (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

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The best racquetball racquet doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Indeed, for beginners, it doesn’t really make much sense to spend significant sums of money on a game you’re just starting out. And even if you’re an expert, everyone likes a good deal, right?

In this article, we take a look at some of the best racquetball racquets on the market. We’ve also included some racquetball sets, which include extra gear you need to get started playing racquetball.

Top Pick

Wilson Striker


An affordable racquet that utilizes a stiff design to maximize power.

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For Beginners

MacGregor Scholastic


A lightweight aluminum racquet that may be perfect for beginners or older players.

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For Advanced Players

E-Force Apocalypse


A very powerful well-rounded racquet that will be great for advanced players

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Our Top Picks

How to choose the right racquetball racquet

Before we dive into the reviews, here are a few buying considerations that will hopefully make your decision easier.


Graphite and aluminum are the two main materials from which racquetball racquets are made. Though graphite is usually reserved for more expensive racquets both materials have their own set of benefits.

Aluminum is a good material for beginners because it manages to be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear often inflicted by people who aren’t well versed with the game.

Graphite, on the other hand, is lightweight and usually does well to absorb vibration, thus producing a desirable feel.


Lighter weight racquets tend to produce the most power because they do well to enhance a player’s swing speed. However, If you swing particularly slow, you’ll actually benefit more from a slightly heavier racquet.

As a general rule of thumb, younger players usually favor lightweight designs while older players tend to reach for something with a little more heft to it.


Though the higher-end racquets can get quite expensive, it is imminently possible to find a good product under $100. In this guide, we take a look at mostly very affordable racquets. In general, pricier products produce a better feel and are more equipped to dominate with both touch and power shots.

However, a similar experience can be had with well-made budget products.

Racquetball Vs. Tennis Racquet

Though there is much confusion regarding the various types of equipment that get implemented in racquet sports, it should be known that racquetball accessories and tennis racquets are very different. Rules conformity aside, racquetball racquets are also simply designed to cooperate with the very specific mechanics of the game. In other words, even if other racquets might look similar, accessories should only be used for their corresponding sports.

Racquetball Racquet Reviews

Wilson Striker

Feature Highlights
  • Official Racquet of USA Racquetball
  • Stiff design for maximizing power
  • V-matrix design perfect for intermediate player looking to improve

Despite its affordable price tag, the Wilson Striker manages to benefit significantly from its innovative design. The V-Matrix concept creates a stiff frame that adds lots of power while also making it easier for newer players to improve their game. It’s a compelling option from a brand that is universally recognized by anyone familiar with racquet oriented sports.

Feature Highlights
  • Powdered aluminum frame
  • Lightweight
  • Open throat design concepts helps enhance forgiveness

The MacGregor scholastic is a lightweight racquet that features powdered aluminum construction. Thanks to an open throat design concept, it’s very forgiving of poor contact which makes it a great choice for beginners. And, because this racquet is among the most affordable on our list it is also something for buyers on a budget to consider as well.

E-Force Apocalypse

Feature Highlights
  • Lightweight design
  • Teardrop design maximizes both power and control
  • Great for touch shots

The E-Force Apocalypse is a powerful racquet that will be perfect for players with a little bit more experience. The lightweight design allows players with big swing speeds to generate significant levels of power and control, while the teardrop build facilitates better touch shots.

Though more expensive than the other options highlighted to this point, it will be well worth the cost for players looking to maximize their game.

E-Force Bedlam

Feature Highlights
  • Lightweight design perfect for power players
  • Stiff design for enhanced zip on your shots
  • Graphite design maximizes maneuverability

The E-Force Bedlam is a lightweight racquet that will be perfect for power players. The stiff design further enhances your ability to put zip on your shots while the graphite construction enhances maneuverability.

Though pricey, it’s still a great way to help good players get even better.

Feature Highlights
  • Very moderate price tag
  • Very lightweight for generating power
  • Alloy design maintains durability

The Python Intro 5000 is a moderately priced lightweight racquet that is perfect for generating power while also helping players make the most of their touch shots. Beginners are sure to value the fact that, for a very affordable price, they can get their hands on a durable alloy racquet that will ensure they are well equipped to hit any shot imaginable.

Feature Highlights
  • Absorbs vibration to produce desirable feel
  • Complete set equips beginners with everything they need to get started
  • Heavy racquet good for emphasizing stability

Representing something of a departure from the other options on our list, the Hurricane set uses a heavier design to emphasize control and stability. Amateurs just picking up the game are sure to appreciate that this complete set (which includes balls and goggles) also eliminates vibrations to create a nice, satisfying feel.

Feature Highlights
  • Robust starter kit
  • Graphite design
  • Vibration reducing technology

The Deluxe Racquetball set is a nice option for beginners with a little more money to spend. In addition to featuring a good racquet, it also comes with a bag, protective eyewear, and several balls. The racquet itself, meanwhile, features an all graphite design and benefits from vibration-reducing technology. Consequently, it will be great for generating power while maintaining a nice, satisfying feel.

Feature Highlights
  • Affordable price tag
  • Durable aluminum design
  • Balls and eyewear included

The Wilson Racquetball set is an affordable option that will be great for people just starting out. It features a durable aluminum design and comes with other accessories beginners need. Here, your money buys not just the racquet, but also balls and protective eyewear.

Summary & Recommendations

Players looking for the best all-around racquet will be pleased with the Wilson Striker. However, there are also options here that are more targeted to specific skill levels. For example, beginners may reach for the MacGregor Scholastic, while seasoned vets will probably be more interested in the E-Force Apocalypse.

There really is something on this list for everyone!

Post last updated on January 13, 2023

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