Best Shoes for Pickleball – Men’s & Women’s (2020 Buyer’s Guide)

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Pickleball shoes serve to improve your game, keeping you agile and responsive on the court even after long hours of play. Finding the right pair enhances not only your performance but also the level of comfort you feel throughout each game.

In this article, we look at the seven best shoes for pickleball, each of which is available both in men’s and women’s sizes.

Top Pick

K-Swiss Express Light


Durable, attractive, and comfortable, these shoes are specially designed to help manage moisture.

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Budget Option

ASICS Upcourt 3


A budget-oriented shoe that still manages moisture while staying comfortable.

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Premium Option

ASICS Gel-Resolution 7


This premium shoe is as comfortable as it is stylish.

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Our Top Picks

Below, you will find several buying considerations that should help in our quest to find the best pickleball shoes.

Special Considerations

While most shoes are optimized for the dimensions of an average foot, it’s also not typically difficult to find options with unique accommodations. For example, wide width shoes are available for wide feet, while other options may take into account special arch support needs.

Outdoor Vs. Indoor

Outdoor and indoor pickleball sneakers may have slight differences that are worth keeping in mind. The main difference will likely be the materials used. Shoes that are designed to respond well to the conditions of a court floorboard tend to feature gum rubber, while outdoor shoes may be of a slightly different construction.

Of course, indoor shoes can be used outside, and vice versa, but it is nevertheless a good idea to get a shoe that is catered to the conditions you most commonly play in.

Pickleball Shoes Vs. Tennis Shoes

Many wonder if there is a difference between pickleball and tennis shoes. The truth is that, while all court sports have their unique needs, the corresponding footwear tends to be largely indistinguishable. Typically, there is not a significant difference between shoes made for tennis and shoes made for pickleball.


With pickleball and any sports shoe for that matter, breathability is a key factor. Though the feeling of hot feet and moisture buildup may ultimately be unavoidable, you at least want something that mitigates the effects.

Sock liners and breathable mesh fabrics are both technologies that can go a long way towards enhancing breathability.

Feature Highlights
  • Designed to manage moisture
  • Maximum midsole cushioning designed to enhance comfort
  • Heel grip lining optimized for reducing slipping

Available for both men and women, the K-Swiss is designed for moisture management. With special liners built into the shoe interior, it can prevent sweat buildup that causes discomfort and pain down the road.
The midsole features high levels of cushioning, while the heel grip lining has been optimized to reduce slippage. These features combine to account for a well-balanced shoe that should help you get the most from your game.

ASICS Upcourt 3

Feature Highlights
  • Very affordable
  • Removable sock liner for moisture management
  • Padded soles for enhanced comfort

The ASICS Upcourt 3 is an affordable pair of shoes with many of the same features found in our top pick. It has a dedicated liner system for handling moisture buildup, and benefits from padded soles that are designed to enhance comfort levels. And of course, like all of the shoes on our list, this pair is available for men and women.

Feature Highlights
  • Sole is warrantied for first six months
  • Specifically designed for durability and performance
  • Gel cushioning system designed to maximize comfort during play

The ASICS Resolution 7 features a sophisticated gel cushioning system that is designed to boost comfort while maximizing performance. The system is gender tailored, meaning the cushioning interface is slightly different between the men’s and women’s shoes, helping to ensure that every player benefits from a customized experience.

The shoe has also been designed with comfort in mind and is structurally reinforced around the toe and sole area for long term use. The sole is even protected under warranty for the first six months.

Feature Highlights
  • Layered sole technology for comfort and support
  • Low to the ground court feel for enhanced performance
  • Pro torq chassis designed for responsiveness

The Wilson Rush Pro (available for both men and women) features layered sole technology that provides comfort and support throughout the course of your game. The shoes are specially optimized to feel low to the ground to enhance your performance and benefit from “pro torq” arches for boosted responsiveness.

Feature Highlights
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Synthetic support for vulnerable parts of shoe
  • Extensive padding and foam for extra comfort

The ASICS Gel Dedicate six (for men and women) features a breathable mesh interior designed to manage moisture and reduce the “hot feet” effect. It benefits from synthetic support materials that boost the life expectancy of the shoe and features extensive foam padding for extra comfort and support.

Feature Highlights
  • Lightweight mesh makes the shoe breathable
  • Cushioning designed for comfort
  • Gum rubber soles for better performance on the court

The ASICS (for men and women) features a lightweight mesh design that boosts the breathability of the shoe, and is heavily padded with cushioning for comfort. It also benefits from gum rubber soles that are specifically optimized to perform well on the materials that are common to pickleball court floors.

Feature Highlights
  • Lightweight design for performance
  • Breathable fabric helps prevent sweat buildup
  • Gel technology designed to maximize comfort and maneuverability

The ASICS Gel Challenger 12, for men and for women, is a lightweight shoe that has been specifically optimized for durability despite its reduced mass. It features a mesh design and breathable fabric for preventing hot feet, and benefits from targeted gel support in the heel and toe of the shoe for boosted maneuverability.

Summary & Recommendations

All seven of the shoes on our list benefit from their unique strengths. For example, buyers that simply want a well-rounded pair of footwear are likely to take interest in our top pick, the K-Swiss Express Light, while those that tend to gravitate towards budget-friendly options may want to try the ASICS Upcourt.

Ultimately, however, all seven shoes are high performing, so it may wind up being a matter of selecting your preferred style.

Post last updated on September 24, 2020

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