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Best Sunglasses for Tennis – Top Picks & Reviews

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If you’ve ever played tennis while staring in the direction of the sun, you understand the benefit sunglasses can provide. In this post, we’re reviewing some of the best sunglasses for tennis to help you find the right pair for you.

Top Pick

Under Armour Igniter


Optimized for clarity, impact resistance, and a comfortable non-slip fit.

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Best for Kids

Under Armour Windup


Built for durability, impact-resistance, and designed for a youth-sized fit.

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Best Value

Hulislem S1 Sport


Ultra-lightweight, durable, polarized to maintain natural colors, and very inexpensive.

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How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Tennis

Here are some things to consider when picking out sunglasses to use for tennis.

Lightweight, Snug, and Comfortable Fit

The best sunglasses will cause you to forget that you’re even wearing them. Find a pair that’s lightweight and fits your face well. A snug, comfortable fit will also prevent them from falling off. The last thing you want is to be chasing down your sunglasses after points, or losing focus when they get bumped off your face.

Durable and Impact-Resistant

There’s a chance that your glasses will be hit by a ball, by your racquet, or fall onto the court. Your want your sunglasses to be durable enough to withstand this kind of beating, so you don’t have to replace them.

Quality and Price

As with any tennis gear purchase, your budget plays a factor. Sunglasses come in a wide range of prices and levels of quality. In this post, we’ve reviewed some of the best quality sunglasses for tennis in a range of price points.

Our Top Picks for the Best Sunglasses for Tennis

Feature Highlights
  • Offers superior optical clarity and impact resistance
  • Very lightweight – Ultralight ArmourFusion frames are built for strength, durability
  • Rubber nose pad and temple arms offer a no-slip comfortable fit
  • Defends against 100% of harmful UVA/B/C rays
Feature Highlights
  • Multiflection lens coating helps prevent scratches & smudges
  • Airflow technology helps keep your face cool
  • Ultralight ArmourFusion frames
  • ArmourSight lens technology offers up to 20% more undistorted peripheral vision
Feature Highlights
  • Extremely lightweight polycarbonate frame – you might forget you’re wearing them
  • AcuTint coloring system doesn’t distort natural colors while adding color contrast
  • Very affordable
Feature Highlights
  • Torege offers lifetime warranty for frame breakage
  • Comes with interchangeable lenses for different activities
  • Lightweight, durable, and comfortable

Oakley Flak 2.0

Feature Highlights
  • Lenses are prescription ready (rx-able)
  • Durable, lightweight frame
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Secure grip and comfortable fit

Nike Skylon Ace

Feature Highlights
  • Lenses are prescription ready (rx-able)
  • Optimized for clarity from all angles
  • Lightweight and durable nylon frame
  • Ventilated rubber nose pad helps prevent fogging
Feature Highlights
  • Designed to fit kids
  • Cool, stylish design
  • Rubber nose pad and temple arms offer a comfortable, no-slip fit
  • Durable and sturdy
Feature Highlights
  • Very affordable
  • Torege offers lifetime warranty on frame breakage
  • Lens offer excellent clarity and 100% UVA/B ray protection

Summary & Recommendations

You really can’t go wrong with any of the sunglasses in this review. It really comes down to your budget, style, and the size of your face.

We recommend the Under Armour Igniter for adults, the Under Armour Windup for kids, and the Hulislem H1 Sport if you’re looking for a quality but inexpensive pair of sunglasses to play tennis in.

Post last updated on April 15, 2020

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