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The Best Table Tennis Conversion Tops (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

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Table tennis conversion tops make the game more accessible to people with limited space or a restrictive budget. Handy though the product may be, quality can range significantly from unit to unit. In this guide, we look at five of the best options on the market to see which might be right for you.

Best Overall

Joola Tetra


Olympic grade table with compact dimensions and an easy setup

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Budget Option

Dunlop 4-Piece


An affordable four-piece table that is super easy to set up and takedown

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Premium Option

Joola Regulation


Sturdy design and a luxurious playing surface

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Our Top Picks

Things to Consider When Buying a Table Tennis Conversion Top

Before you look at the five options below, take some time to review these important buying considerations to take into account before making your purchase.

Regulation Sized

Though regulation size sounds like the ideal, it won’t work for everyone. If you have space restrictions, you’re likely to favor a smaller product or at least one with flexible dimensions. However, if you do have the room for it, regulation-sized tops are the best for people that want to stay fit for competitive play.

Where You Plan to Play

Do you need something for outdoor use? Are you wondering ‘can you put a ping pong top on a pool table? The answer to these questions will depend on the product you get. Manufacturers tend to supply this information on the front end, so a little bit of research can help to ensure you find something that matches your intent.


In theory, assembly of a table convertor is supposed to be easy and straightforward. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t always play out this way. Companies typically provide an estimate as to how much time you can expect to spend assembling the table.

Though no estimate will be spot on, this can at least give you a ballpark of how hard the top is to put together. Some table converters can be put together in less than a minute.


Storage is another important factor. Four-piece units tend to reduce into very manageable dimensions, but always pay attention to exactly how much storage space a converter top requires. Though more compact than standard ping pong tables, some can still measure 9 feet long when assembled, meaning they could be more sizable than you bargained for.

Foam Bottom

Foam bottoms are a simple way to ensure that your convertor top doesn’t scratch up the table you mount it on. The vast majority of converters include this feature but always double-check just to be sure.

Table Tennis Conversion Top Reviews

Joola Tetra

Feature Highlights
  • Retractable dimensions perfect for converting almost any table
  • Breaks down easy for low profile storage
  • Scratch free surface for preserved quality

The Joola Tetra distinguishes itself with the ability to make nearly any table a ping pong surface. The dimensions are retractable so it can adapt almost anything from billiards to air hockey tables, allowing you to get the most out of your game room.

When you are all done with playing, the table breaks down into four pieces for easy, low profile storage.

Feature Highlights
  • Accessible price tag for buyers on a budget
  • Extremely easy setup
  • Padded bottom to protect your furniture

The Dunlop 4-piece is an affordable table tennis top that benefits from an extremely easy assembly. Once the panels have been assembled, the top slide directly on top of your furniture for ease of use. The bottoms are padded to prevent scratching, and the components come apart easily for low profile storage.

Do note that the dimensions of this top aren’t very flexible so for best results you will need to use it with a fairly large table.

Joola Regulation

Feature Highlights
  • 5 minute assembly time for easy setup
  • Padded bottom to protect your furniture
  • Regulation sized ping pong table

While most conversion tops sacrifice authenticity for ease of use, this product accomplishes both. Though pricier than most of the other options on the market, your money buys you a regulation-sized ping pong table that can be set up in just five minutes.

Thanks to its size, it’s great for billiards tables, air hockey tables, or even for dining tables. And, like most of the options on our list, it features a foam bottom to avoid scratching.

Rally and Roar

Feature Highlights
  • Moderate price tag
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Durable tournament sized table

Rally and Roar is a durable table that comes in at tournament size. This four pieced product can be assembled in a matter of minutes and stored easily to facilitate a smooth, user-friendly experience. The surface is optimized to facilitate an authentic bounce and features a padded bottom so that your furniture will not be scratched.

Feature Highlights
  • Foam bottom protects your table
  • Three-year warranty helps ensure satisfaction
  • Easy storage and assembly

The Martin Kilpatrick is a regulation-sized table that features a padded bottom and easy assembly. Available in three colors (grey, green, and bluish) it’s easy to store and can be assembled in a matter of minutes for a quick game with friends or a family gathering.

Though one of the pricier options highlighted here, the money will be well worth it for those looking for a top that truly replicates the pin pong table experience.

Summary & Recommendations

Though the Joola Tetra landed our best overall distinction, there’s still plenty to be said about the other options on our list. For example, buyers that want something a little more affordable are sure to appreciate the Dunlop, while those with a little more financial freedom might be tempted by the extravagance of the Joola Regulation. The bottomline is these conversion tops caters to different needs so you should narrow down what you really need and consider the buying considerations to find the best ping pong conversion top for you.

Post last updated on April 24, 2023

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