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Best Tennis Bags & Backpacks – Our Top Picks & Reviews

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Playing tennis requires that you bring quite a bit of gear. At a bare minimum you need a racquet and some tennis balls, and more than likely you’re also bringing a pair of tennis shoes, a change of clothes, water bottles, et cetera.

Carrying all this gear requires a bag that has enough of the “right” space to accommodate all the shapes and sizes of your gear. In this post we’re reviewing the best tennis bags and backpacks, to help you pick the best one for you.

Before we jump in, here are our top picks for the best tennis bags and backpacks in 2020.

Our Top Pick

Babolat Pure 12 Pack


Incredibly well-designed, comfortable, and can hold 12 racquets and more.

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Best Backpack

Babolat Maxi


Versatile backpack for everyday use with a lot more space than it appears to have.

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Best Duffel Bag

Adidas Team Issue


Versatile bag, holds up to 4 racquets, shoes, and more at a very affordable price.

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What to Look For in a Tennis Bag or Backpack

Style – By style we mean not only what the bag looks like, but the type of bag. For your tennis bag, you might choose a standard “racquet shaped” tour-style tennis bag, a backpack, or a duffel bag.

Size and Capacity – How many racquets do you need your bag to hold? What other gear will you want to carry as well? Here is a list of some common gear you may or may not have thought of.

  • Essential Tennis Gear: Racquets, Balls, Strings, Shoes
  • Tennis Accessories: Grips, Dampeners, Sunglasses
  • Other Items: Phone, Wallet, Keys, Laptop, iPad, Sunscreen, Snacks, Water Bottles

It’s important to think about what and how much you want to be able to carry in your bag.

Comfort – If you’re going to be carrying this bag around everywhere, you’ll want something that’s comfortable and easy to carry.

Price – As with all tennis gear, your budget will affect the quality of your tennis bag. In this post, we’ve reviewed a range of bags with varying prices to give you some good options to choose from.

Our Top Picks for the Best Tennis Bags & Backpacks

Feature Highlights
  • Very large capacity, great for players who carry all their gear
  • Isothermal protection helps maintain string tension
  • Comfortable and you can wear it like a backpack
  • Includes a well-ventilated pocket, great for shoes
  • Includes smaller pocket for accessory items

The Babolat Pure Series tennis bag is expertly designed to carry everything you’d possibly need for tennis play. It has a well-ventilated pocket for shoes, smaller pockets for miscellaneous items, and of course, tons of room for your racquets. The comfortable, adjustable straps mean you can carry it like a duffel bag or as a backpack.

Babolat Maxi

Feature Highlights
  • Ideal size for players who don’t want an enormous tour-style bag
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Flexible and expands to fit more items
  • Convenient and cleverly structured to hold everything

This bag holds more than you’d expect. You can easily fit 2 racquets, tennis shoes, and a change of clothes, with room to spare. It’s an extremely convenient, excellent quality bag that many players who use it rave about.

Feature Highlights
  • HYDROSHIELD water-resistant material
  • Comes with convenient straps and pockets
  • Very affordable

The Adidas Team Issue is a versatile duffel bag. In reality, it could be used for a number of different sports, but it’s large enough to hold several tennis racquets, tennis shoes, and a change of clothes, making it an excellent choice for tennis players.

Feature Highlights
  • Has 2 fleece-lined pockets for accessory items
  • Removable interior divider helps you keep things organized
  • Dual carrying system – extra compartment to hide shoulder straps if desired
  • Easily stores racquets and extra gear

The Wilson Super Tour Series of bags are endorsed by players like Venus Williams, making them a very popular choice. They come in a range of sizes: a 6 racket hold, 9 racket hold, and 15 racket hold. There’s also a 2 racket hold backpack version, which is reviewed below.

Feature Highlights
  • Racquet compartment has locking zippers
  • Thermo guard side compartment helps keep water bottle cool
  • Convenient side-zip pocket for accessories
  • Durable and high quality

This is the 2 racquet hold backpack version of the Wilson Super Tour Series, which is reviewed above.

Summary & Recommendations

In this post, we’ve picked out and reviewed the best tennis bags and backpacks available in 2020. We hope you find one on this list that fits what you’re looking for.

To recap, we recommend you check out the Babolat Pure Series 12 Pack, if you’re looking for a tour-style tennis bag that’s designed to carry all your gear at once. And if you’re looking for more of an everyday tennis backpack that can still fit pretty much everything you need, we recommend checking out the Babolat Maxi.

Post last updated on April 16, 2020

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