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Best Tennis Balls (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

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From being used in the US Open, to being chewed up by a dog, tennis balls can have a wide range of uses. Accordingly, there are a wide range of tennis ball types and qualities.

In this post, we’ve reviewed some of the best tennis balls available on the market. We’ve also covered what you should look for in a tennis ball, and how to find the right ball for your situation.

Our Top Pick

Wilson US Open Extra Duty


The official ball of the US Open offers ideal performance and durability on hard courts.

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Best Seller

Penn Championship Extra Duty


The official ball of the USTA boasts “America’s #1 Selling Ball” right on the can.

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Best for Kids

Penn QST 36 – Youth Red Felt


Designed with lower compression for 75% reduced speed and controlled bounce.

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Our Top Picks for the Best Tennis Balls in 2021

Use the links above to skip to any review you want to check out. First, we’re going to cover some of the factors you might want to consider when choosing a tennis ball.

Durability: Regular or Extra Duty

Depending on your court surface, you’ll want to choose different tennis balls to maximize their durability and performance. 

Hard courts (which is what your typical outdoor tennis court is) can quickly destroy Regular Duty tennis balls. Regular duty tennis balls are designed for softer surfaces like indoor courts and clay courts. We recommend going for the Extra Duty balls if you are playing on a typical hard court surface.

You might also opt for the Extra Duty if you are planning to buy these as a chew toy for your dog. In fact, you might just opt for a “tennis” ball that’s specifically designed for dogs to chew on

High Altitudes

Pressurized tennis balls tend to bounce higher and with more speed at higher altitudes. To fix this, some tennis balls have a “High Altitude” option. High Altitude tennis balls have about a 6% larger diameter, to create more air resistance. The ITF (International Tennis Federation) considers 4,000 feet to be the threshold for “high altitude.” For reference, mountainous Salt Lake City, Utah is 4,226 feet. 

Tennis Balls for Kids and Beginners

Most of the tennis balls we have reviewed in this post are meant for a variety of skill levels, from beginners to intermediate to advanced players. There are tennis balls that are designed specifically for kids, which are designed to have less bounce and speed, making it easier for younger players to hit them.

Pressurized vs. Pressureless Tennis Balls

The typical tennis ball that most people are familiar with is pressurized. They bounce because they are hollow and filled with pressurized air. This internal air pressure offers the best performance (bounce, speed, spin, consistency), but their performance fades over time as the ball eventually loses pressure. 

Pressureless tennis balls, on the other hand, achieve their bounce from their rubber shell rather than from air pressure. This means they don’t lose their bounce over time. In fact, they gain bounce as the outer layer of felt wears off and exposes more of the rubber. 

Because pressureless tennis balls maintain their bounce, they’re a great budget option if you’re looking to buy tennis balls in bulk for practices, for use in a tennis ball machine, or other situations where premium performance isn’t important. You get increased longevity while sacrificing performance. Keep in mind that many players find pressureless tennis balls heavier and harder to play.

Pressureless tennis balls also tend to be less expensive. If you’re looking for something even cheaper, check out our post about where to find used tennis balls.

Our Reviews of the Best Tennis Balls in 2022

Now let’s jump into the reviews of the best tennis balls.

Feature Highlights
  • Official ball of the US Open
  • Approved by USTA and ITF for competitive play
  • Affordable, great value
  • Excellent durability, so they last longer

The Wilson US Open tennis ball is the official ball of the US Open. It’s approved for play by the USTA and ITF, and it offers unparalleled consistency and performance. It’s a tournament-ready, premium performance tennis ball for tennis players of all skill levels.

If you’re looking to practice with the same kind of ball used in official play, then this is a great choice. This ball is available in Extra Duty, Regular Duty, and High Altitude varieties. 

Our recommendation: The Wilson US Open tennis ball is great for all skill levels, up to the most advanced.

Feature Highlights
  • Official ball of USTA League Tennis
  • Approved by USTA and ITF for competitive play
  • Deep elastic seams help prevent cracks
  • Durable interlocking felt fiber for better durability and longer wear
  • Great value, very affordable

The Penn Championship Extra Duty tennis ball can be seen on tennis courts everywhere you go, and for good reason. This is a high performance, highly durable, all-around great tennis ball for all skill levels.

Boasting “America’s #1 Selling Ball” right on the can, the official ball of USTA League Tennis is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable tennis ball for everything from casual to competitive play.

Our recommendation: The Penn Championship Extra Duty is a great choice for all skill levels who want a durable, affordable, high performing tennis ball.

Feature Highlights
  • Approved for competitive play by USTA and ITF
  • Features Wilson’s exclusive Dura-Weave felt for greater durability and performance
  • Great for tournament and recreational play
  • Affordable for Extra Duty balls

From the well-renowned Wilson brand of tennis balls, you can expect quality is not compromised. Wilson is approved by USTA and ITF for competitive play and as an extra-duty of their line of ball products, it is durable with a bounce that gives you a similar feel to competitive play.

Our recommendation: The Wilson Extra Duty is a great option if you want to practice more serious, tournament-level play.

Feature Highlights
  • Ideal for clay courts and indoor courts
  • Features Wilson’s durable and performant Dura-Weave felt
  • Maintain bounce well
  • Very affordable

The regular duty line of Wilson feature less fluff with a tight play. With the Dura-Weave felt for durability on all court surfaces, recreational players would find this ball great to practice and play with.

Our recommendation: The Wilson Championship Regular Duty is a great for beginner and intermediate-level players for recreational play.

Feature Highlights
  • Designed for optimal performance and durability on all court surfaces
  • USTA and ITF approved for competitive play
  • Features Wilson’s Dura-Weave felt
  • A bit more expensive

The Wilson Prime All Court features a specialized design that optimizes it for performance and durability on all court surfaces. It’s not Regular Duty or Extra Duty, it’s meant to be somewhere in between. It’s also a bit more expensive than a regular tennis ball.

Our recommendation: The Wilson Prime All Court tennis ball is great for players who play on both indoor and outdoor courts.

Penn QST 36

Feature Highlights
  • Approved by USTA for the 10 and Under Tennis Program
  • Lower compression, designed for controlled bounce and 75% reduced speed
  • Red and yellow 2-tone color for easier visibility and tracking
  • Excellent durability to last longer

Penn designed the QST 36 for players 8 and under playing on a 36′ tennis court. It features a lower compression, which reduces speed and bounce for easier control. It’s durable and still has a lively bounce, making it a great option for casual play in the driveway, or practice on hard courts.

Our recommendation: The Penn QST 36 tennis balls are a great choice for teaching young kids to play tennis, or for casual play in the driveway.

Feature Highlights
  • Extended-life pressureless core
  • Durable and well-suited to use in ball machines
  • Great for casual, infrequent play

Because pressureless tennis balls don’t lose their air pressure over time, they are an extremely durable and long-lasting option. Penn makes a high quality tennis ball, and the Penn Pressurelss balls are no exception.

Our recommendation: Penn Pressureless tennis balls are great for casual players looking for long-lasting balls, or for practice sessions with a ball machine.

Summary & Recommendations

Although they all look pretty much the same, different tennis balls offer a wide variety of optimal uses. Here are some to recap:

Best for competitive play: Wilson US Open Extra Duty

Best for recreational play: Penn Championship Extra Duty

Best for casual, infrequent play: Penn Pressureless (won’t lose bounce over time)

Best for teaching kids: Penn QST 36 (reduced speed and bounce)

We hope this helps you choose the right tennis ball for your situation. Have fun out there!

Post last updated on January 13, 2023

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  1. The Penn balls while widely used are poor compared to Wilson. They get too fuzzy too quickly and lose their bounce. Comparable Wilson clay court balls can be played with multiple times versus the Penn which are dead after one time use.

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