Tennis Racket Decals

Looking for inexpensive gift ideas for tennis players? Try these decals you put on the ‘butt’ of your racquet!

One of the first things players often do before a tennis match is spin the racquet to decide who will call for serve or side. Instead of calling whether the logo will be ‘up’ or ‘down,’ now you can call things like ‘Martini’ or ‘Margarita,’ or ‘Boxers’ or ‘Briefs.’

Feature Highlights
  • A fun way to decide who serves first
  • The perfect, inexpensive gift for tennis players
  • Great ice breaker, start the match off with a laugh


Looking for something a little different? Try these tennis racket decals and other gift ideas.

Feature Highlights
  • Stickers include Wine/Beer, Lob/Drop Shot, and more
  • Very inexpensive gift idea
  • Great to hand out to tennis teammates