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Head Liquidmetal 8 – Reviews & Alternatives

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The Head Liquidmetal 8 is a popular racquet that was designed for easy power. Unfortunately, it’s no longer in production. You can still find it on places like eBay, but last we checked, it’s out of stock on Amazon. In this review, we’re taking a look back at the Head Liquidmetal 8, and also going over some alternative racquets you might consider instead. 

Head Liquidmetal 8

  • (9.5) Power
  • (7.5) Control
  • (9.5) Maneuverability
  • (8.0) Stability
  • (9.0) Comfort/Feel
  • (8.5) Spin
  • (8.7) Overall
Head size 112 sq in
Strung weight 10.0 oz
Length 27.25 in
Beam width 28 / 26mm
String pattern 16/19
Balance point 330 mm
Swingweight 302
Flex rating 00
  • Very powerful
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Great spin potential
  • May lack some control

Features & Benefits of the Head Liquidmetal 8

Tennis players of many skill levels and styles of play have been interested in the Head Liquidmetal 8 over the years. Here are some of the features that have made this racquet especially appealing. 

Easy Power

Many players are drawn to this racquet as it helps create extra power. If you are a player with a slower, shorter stroke, this racquet will add some extra oomph to your swing. This makes it great for beginners, intermediate players, or anyone who has a hard time generating a lot of power off their swing.

Lightweight, Maneuverable Frame

The Liquidmetal 8 has a lightweight frame and a low swingweight. This makes it easy to swing the racquet, both to generate speed and spin, and also to get your racquet into place in time to make returns. The larger head size and sweetspot also means you’ll have an easier time really connecting with the ball when you do make contact. 

Combined with that extra pop of power, this maneuverability can really help beginners and intermediates to level up their game.

Alternatives to the Head Liquidmetal 8

Head Ti.S6

  • (9.5) Power
  • (9.0) Control
  • (9.5) Maneuverability
  • (8.0) Stability
  • (8.5) Comfort/Feel
  • (9.0) Spin
  • (8.9) Overall
Head size 115 sq in
Strung weight 8.9 oz
Length 27.75 in
Beam width 28.5
String pattern 16/19
Balance point 385 mm
Swingweight 303
Flex rating 76
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to generate lots of power
  • Large head size and sweet spot
  • Reasonably priced
  • May be too light for some advanced players

The Head Ti.S6 is the best-selling Head racquet of all time. It’s extremely light, and still packs a tremendous amount of power. 

If you’re looking for the larger head size, lighter weight, and easy power of the Head Liquidmetal 8, you’ll find it in the Head Ti.S6. 

Babolat Pure Drive Lite

  • (8.5) Power
  • (9.0) Control
  • (9.0) Maneuverability
  • (7.5) Stability
  • (8.0) Comfort/Feel
  • (9.5) Spin
  • (8.6) Overall
Head size 100 sq in
Strung weight 10.0 oz
Length 27 in
Beam width 23 / 26 / 23mm
String pattern 16/19
Balance point 337 mm
Swingweight 301
Flex rating 68
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent speed and spin
  • Great maneuverability
  • Only moderate stability

The Pure Drive Lite is very similar to the Head Liquidmetal 8 in weight, swingweight, and maneuverability. It offers more emphasis on control and spin. It’s a lighter version of the Pure Drive series, and is designed with beginners, juniors, and developing players in mind.  

Summary & Recommendations

If you’re an intermediate or more advanced player, looking to generate your own power with full swings, then this high-powered lower control racquet may not be the best fit. 

But beginners, early intermediate players, casual players, or anyone who doesn’t generate a lot of power off their swing would naturally be drawn to the Head Liquidmetal 8. The large head size and sweetspot make this great for beginners.

This is a lightweight, head heavy racquet that’s great for generating a lot of power. Since it’s out of production, we recommend you take a look at the Head Ti.S6 or the Babolat Pure Drive Lite. These racquets are similarly lightweight and maneuverable, and can also generate a lot of power and spin.

Post last updated on April 16, 2020

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