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Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet Review

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The Head Ti.S6 is the best-selling Head brand racquet of all time. In this post, we’ve put together our Head Ti.S6 review to look at why it’s so popular, and whether this racquet is a good fit for you. 

Head Ti.S6

  • (9.5) Power
  • (9.0) Control
  • (9.5) Maneuverability
  • (8.0) Stability
  • (8.5) Comfort/Feel
  • (9.0) Spin
  • (8.9) Overall
Head size 115 sq in
Strung weight 8.9 oz
Length 27.75 in
Beam width 28.5mm
String pattern 16/19
Balance point 385 mm
Swingweight 303
Flex rating 76
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to generate lots of power
  • Large head size and sweet spot
  • Reasonably priced
  • May be too light for some advanced players

The Head Ti.S6 Features & Benefits

The Ti.S6 is a uniquely designed tennis racquet in a number of ways. Let’s look at some of the features that make it stand out.

Keep in mind, this racquet is very reasonably priced, making this a realistic option even for beginners who want a bit of an upgrade. 

Size and Weight

The Ti.S6 is interesting because the frame’s size is very large (head size and length), but it’s very lightweight.

The length makes balls easier to reach, the large head size and generous sweet spot makes it harder to miss, and the lighter weight makes it easier to get there and swing in time. Sort of a trifecta that makes this racquet ideal for beginners, who might need a little help connecting with the ball and returning hits. 

The lighter weight of this racquet also means it should take less of a toll on your arm, elbow, and shoulder. 

Explosive Power

This racquet is extremely powerful for how lightweight it is. This combination makes it great for players with short, compact strokes and ideal for beginners who may not be following through with their swing. That said, many intermediate and advanced players will still rave that it’s the best racquet they’ve ever used. 

The lightweight titanium frame reduces air resistance and allows you to generate a lot of speed in your swings. 

Titanium Alloy Frame

The “Ti” in Ti.S6 stands for Titanium frame. Head’s Ti series was introduced in 1995 and features frames with a lightweight titanium mesh that reenforces the frame’s carbon fibers at various critical stress points.

While we’re on the subject, the S6 is for swing style. The lower the number, the longer your swing. So, as we mentioned, the S6 is a power-packing racquet for players with short swings (usually beginners who haven’t fully developed their swing).

The Ti series goes all the down to the Head Ti.S1, which could be considered a “tweener” racquet, for players with a great stroke who are transitioning to racquets with a more flexible frame.

Overall, the Head Ti.S6 is a great racquet at a great price. We recommend it for any tennis player, from casual beginners to more advanced competitive players, and especially for intermediate players.

Alternative Tennis Racquets to the Head Ti.S6

Here are a few similar racquets to the Head Ti.S6, if you want to compare some alternatives.

Babolat Pure Drive Lite

  • (8.5) Power
  • (9.0) Control
  • (9.0) Maneuverability
  • (7.5) Stability
  • (8.0) Comfort/Feel
  • (9.5) Spin
  • (8.6) Overall
Head size 100 sq in
Strung weight 10.0 oz
Length 27 in
Beam width 23 / 26 / 23mm
String pattern 16/19
Balance point 337 mm
Swingweight 301
Flex rating 68
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent speed and spin
  • Great maneuverability
  • Only moderate stability

If you’re looking for a tennis racquet that combines power with an easy-to-maneuver lightweight frame, you might consider the Babolat Pure Drive Lite as an alternative to the Head Ti.S6. As the lightest version of the Pure Drive series, the The Pure Drive Lite has more of an emphasis on spin. Read our full review of the Pure Drive Lite or view it on Amazon.

Head Microgel Radical

  • (7.0) Power
  • (9.5) Control
  • (9.5) Maneuverability
  • (8.0) Stability
  • (9.0) Comfort/Feel
  • (8.5) Spin
  • (8.6) Overall
Head size 98 sq in
Strung weight 11 oz
Length 27 in
Beam width 22mm
String pattern 18/20
Balance point 335 mm
Swingweight 315
Flex rating 57
  • Excellent level of control
  • Comfortable, plush feel
  • Lacks some power

The MicroGel Radical is another popular Head racquet as a similar price point. It sacrifices a lot of the power offered by the Ti.S6, but in exchange you get a tremendous amount of control.

Summary and Recommendations

The length and large head size of the Ti.S6 combined with a lightweight, titanium frame make this racquet easy to maneuver and return shots with a lot of power.

This makes it a great racquet for beginner to intermediate players looking for a little added power to their stroke, or who could use a little help connecting with more balls. 

Head is one of the most trusted brands in tennis, and the Ti.S6 is their best-selling racquet of all time.

And for the price, you might be hard pressed to find a better value in a tennis racquet.

View the Head Ti.S6 tennis racquet on Amazon to check the price.

Post last updated on January 26, 2021

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  1. Hi,
    I have heard there is going to be a re introduction of the HEAD T1S range will it be T1S6 again or will it be a more advanced racquet please

    Also with this racquet is a 4 1/8 size made, if not would you recommend I get a 4 1/4 or
    another brand racket with a 4 1/8 Would this create a difference in performance

    Thank you

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