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Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine Review & Alternatives

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One of the best-selling ball machines on the market today, the Spinshot Player is the preferred choice of tennis players and coaches around the world. In this review, we’re taking a look at the features of the Spinshot Player to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you. 

Spinshot Player

  • (9.5) Feature Set
  • (9.0) Ease of Use
  • (9.0) Transportability
  • (10.0) Durability
  • (9.0) Reliability
  • (9.3) Overall
Ball Capacity 120
Weight 46 lbs
Size 21H x 20L x 14W in
Battery Life 2-3 hours
Speed 19-68 MPH
Feed Rate 2-10 seconds
Spin Top, Back
Oscillation Horiz, Vert, Rand
Control Panel, Remote, App
Drills 12 presets
  • High level of programmability
  • Drill Maker mobile app with 12 customizable drill presets
  • Patented De-Jam Design prevents jamming
  • Battery charges quickly
  • Lighter and more compact than machines with similar features
  • App drills can be difficult to program at first
  • Shorter battery life than some other machines

Features & Benefits of the Spinshot Player

The Spinshot Player is quickly becoming one of the most popular tennis ball machines on the market. Here’s a look at some of its best features.

High Level of Programmability

The Spinshot Player can be connected to your mobile device with the Drill Maker app. With this app, you can program up to 12 highly customizable preset 6-shot drills.

Program your own custom drills by setting the feed rate, height, direction (any combination of horizontal, vertical, and randomized oscillation), speed, and spin for each of 6 sequential shots.

This high level of programmability is one area where the Spinshot Player really shines. You can truly customize this machine to conveniently practice several different highly configurable drills, and easily switch between them.

You can even set up 2-line drills, where the machine will hit balls alternating between your forehand and backhand (as illustrated in the photo below).

As an added convenience, you can also purchase the Spinshot Player Remote Watch Option. It’s a very simple to use. There’s just one button, and you can program it to switch drills by just clicking the button the same number of times as the drill number. So for drill #1, you’d press it once, for drill #2, press twice, etc.

Durable and Transportable Body

The Spinshot Player is lighter and more compact than similar machines with the same features. This combined with the convenient wheels and collapsable handle make it very easy to transport, pick up, and store. It can easily fit in the trunk of your car.

It’s also made of metal and has a very durable body that can withstand being hit by speeding tennis balls, which is bound to happen.

Recommended Alternative to the Spinshot Player

The Spinshot Plus-2 combines the high programmability and mobile app of the Spinshot Player, but adds the convenient OLED screen and control panel of the Spinshot Plus. This allows for easy configuration of oscillation settings right on the machine. Here’s a video that further explains the differences between the Spinshot Plus-2 and the Spinshot Player.

Summary & Recommendations

The Spinshot Player is a top-of-the-line tennis ball machine with an incredible feature set and a durable, easy-to-transport body. If you have the budget for it, and you’re looking for a high quality tennis ball machine, you won’t be disappointed in this machine.

If you like the extra convenience of having the OLED screen and control panel for quick oscillation settings configuration, we recommend you upgrade to the Spinshot Plus-2.

You can check out our post where we review more Spinshot tennis ball machines, or the go ahead and check the price of the Spinshot Player on Amazon. Have fun out there!

Post last updated on January 28, 2021

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